Saturday, March 6, 2010

well, if anyone reads this, i've started a new blog which i will try to keep updated better than this. From now on if you are interested in finding updates go to! thanks a bunch if you do happen to check in on me once in a while! it's great to have fantastic friends! much love! misty

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we fed the birds! it was funny! and this was our florida attire!

me and steph in front of the castle!

This was in St. Thomas! we could stand in the water and feed dog treats and banana's to the fish! it was crazy! tons of fish would just swarm you!

the most awesome cave!

this is a pic of the stunt cars! it was awsome! how come people freak when i drive like them?

me and grandma for a quick fancy dinner close up!

the coast of La Romana

the fam damly in the top of the cave

ashlie, steph, and i on the beach in San Juan


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